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District Analysis:

Analysis of the winnability of a certain district or race based on historical election data and a study of the current electoral climate.

A Path to Victory/Field Plan:

Development of a detailed plan discussing the best strategy and allocation of resources to win a race. Includes a detailed field plan.

Messaging Development:

A collaborative process to develop a campaign’s language, messaging, and most effective issue positions.


Writing a custom poll to be conducted by a qualified firm into the target district in order to inform message development and to analyze the demographic and ideological makeup of the district.  

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Targeted Social Media:

Can include social media content, strategy and targeting across multiple platforms Facebook advertising, and/or advanced cookie-matching advertising (including pre-roll) to a select target universe. ALL WE DO IS TARGETED TO YOUR DISTRICT AND YOUR VOTERS.


Creation of style sheet, logo, color scheme, digital art, creative for digital, banners, ads, etc. WE KNOW WHAT IS EFFECTIVE.

Direct Mail:

Working with qualified out-of-state vendors to design, produce, target, and distribute direct mail, including glossy and informal pieces that will take your message to different levels. 

Website Creation:

Creation of modern websites, including customization and upkeep

Video Content:

Creation of video pieces for fundraising, advertisements (both web and television), or engagement.

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Full-Service Field Program:

Includes the recruitment, training, and management of field staff for a race, data management, targeting, a phone program, script development, volunteer recruitment and management, and GOTV planning and implementation.

Call Program:

Targeted live phone calls for persuasion, volunteer recruitment, or mobilization.

Signature Gathering:

Recruitment, training and management of signature gatherers and validation of signatures collected.

Training Services:

Multi-day training of non-GUS field staff in modern field best practices, data systems, messaging, volunteer recruitment, goal-setting, and program development

Grassroots Mobilization:

Mobilization of constituents to attend meetings of legislative bodies in order to influence their decisionmaking and the formation of policy

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Access to VAN and Catalist Data:

Full access to VAN, the Catalist voter file for Utah, Catalist modeling scores, data gathered from previous campaigns, and a MyCampaign database to track volunteer prospects and members. Access comes with basic support and setup, as well as training on how to use the system, access information, and enter data.

EveryAction8 Addition:

The addition of EveryAction8 to VAN subscription, which adds the ability to track digital engagement, fundraising, donations, social media, events, and send emails to custom lists.

Voter Choice Index Addition:

The addition of VCI data into the voter file, which provides insight into how individuals voted in previous elections and how likely they are to split their tickets.

Custom Data Visualization and Progress-to-Goals Tracking:

Creation of a customized, interactive dashboard of data, which can include dynamic graphs, interactive maps, production trackers, historical electoral analyses, heat-mapping, and any other custom visualization.

Target Development:

For field and digital projects, the creation of a custom target using Catalist models and demographic data in order to maximize efficient allocation of resources and create the highest impact of engagement.

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